About our company

MP BARCELONA, INC. Was established in 2007in the USA (NYC). Since then, working with the museum store market in the USA, Canada & South America. Our sister company MING PRODUCTIONS SL based in Barcelona, Spain has been working in developing products for the European museum stores for over 20 years. With their extensive knowledge and expertise of the European Museum Market we have been able to offer a very unique and artistic selection of products in the USA.

By focused on design aesthetics and imbuing style, novelty, and originality into a product, our designers team meld form, fit, and function into distinctive, innovative brand merchandises. We integrate the usability of our products, and design to establish a real connection between your institution-store and your consumers that builds brand loyalty and drives sales.

Through communication and research, we become familiar with your store and consumers. With over 20 years of experience we understand the environment of the market and we can help you to determine the best image driving products, items where your logo will have the impact you want and the most important goal which is to stablish a brand identity what will set your store and institution apart.

Diversely sourced from Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, China and Mexico
providing funky, fun and functional products especially geared towards art & cultural institutions.

Our # 1 focus is specializing in product development: Custom branding, Logo, Reproductions
and Exclusive Design.

Our catalog offers a various and comprehensive resource for museum stores to further identify
their vision with our eclectic product selection.
Please review our catalog, where you will find something special for your institution to offer your
museum store shoppers, exclusively.